Thinking about FSBO?

The thought of selling your home can be scary (especially when it comes to price). This is why some people choose to do the “For Sale By Owner” option.

Unfortunately, this option is not in your best interest for many reasons.

Here are just a few of the things that a realtor does to sell your home, and why you shouldn’t do it alone:


Selling price

Photo credit: Sam Veltri

Statistics show that homes sold with a realtor net 25% more on average than FSBO homes. This percentage easily beats out the cost of using a realtor!


Market Data

Realtors are trained to understand the market. Let the experts take care of interpreting the local market data so there’s no guessing involved.


Listing Price

A realtor is going to have a better idea of what the list price for your home should be. Once again, they understand the market data, and know how to get the most out of your home.


Professional Marketing

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Once again, leave it to the professionals. Realtors work with experts in photography, videography, and marketing to ensure your home interests potential buyers to attend a showing and move forward with the sale.



Don’t let your home get swept under the rug! Only realtors have access to the MLS, where your home will get the most exposure possible. Besides, only about 10-15% of FSBO homes sell. Do you really want to challenge those odds?


Locating Buyers

Realtors and their marketing team know where to find buyers, and how to make your home visible to them. We keep coming back to the point to not guess when it comes to your home. If you guess on where your buyers are, then if you even sell the home, it will likely be for far less than it’s worth.



Mature real estate agent meeting future homeowner
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No matter what, you will end up working with a realtor, whether it’s to advocate for you or to advocate for your interested buyer. Don’t stress over the burden of having to collaborate and negotiate with a realtor that only has their buyer’s best interest in mind. Make sure a professional has your best interest in mind, too.



Not only do realtors have the ability to solve problems that arise more quickly and efficiently, but they can usually see a problem before it occurs, and fix it proactively. If you’re hit with a major problem or strain to deal with on your own, it could set your closing date back for months and you could lose a significant amount of money.



Photo credit: Fox News

Because realtors know market values and consistently collaborate with other realtors, they are experienced negotiators. This is one of the biggest ways you’ll get top dollar for your home.


Delighted at having sold


Don’t take our word for it! Check out our client testimonials at and see for yourself.

Happy selling!





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