Gorgeous Bathroom Transformation That Your Guests (And Budget) Will Love

When doing remodeling projects in your home, you might be thinking that you can’t afford what you see on TV so you should wait til you have more money.

Well, we’re here to tell you that you don’t need a lot of cash to make a bathroom transformation that looks stunning!

This project will probably take you a whole weekend to accomplish, but will be worth it.

Here are the few simple ways to give your bathroom its much needed facelift:

Screenshot (86)

  • Prime and paint your outdated cabinets with the color you choose. This particular project used a semi-gloss black.
  • Update the hardware to contrast the color of the cabinets and give it a sleek look.

    Screenshot (85)

  • Add panels to a plain wall to give it some definition. All you have to do is glue and nail some MDF boards to the wall and add a coat of paint. This will make it look fancy with minimal effort.
  • Add a couple wall hooks for towels, and any other simple decor to add to the new look. Be careful to not add too much, because it will take away from your beautiful update.

You’ll only end up spending about $200 on this project, and your bathroom will get many compliments from your guests.


Article source: Pinterest/Apartment Therapy
Image source: HomeGoods


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